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Al Numaniya Wastewater Treatment Plant

GULF CONSTRUCTIVE (PARENT COMPANY) AND (THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN) PARTNER COMPANY. had been awarded the contract by the client mentioned below where it was a turnkey job project. The location was west of Kut city, and this project is considered as one of the most important infrastructure projects in this town, because it serves about 150,000.00 people who are already living there.

The Work included all works from design, supplying, installation and construction activities for this project. The work was divided into two lines; the first line was engineering, design and supplying with mechanical equipments that were provided by the Italian Company Sereco, which cooperated with our company in this project. The second line included all civil construction and installation works executed by our company team according to the environment’s requirements and international standards and codes.

Project Location: Wasit Province  

Client: General Directorate of Sewage

Contract Value (US$): 28,061,000

Contract Duration: Two Years

Contract Start Date: 29 / Nov / 2008

Contract Completion: 23 / Jan / 2012