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Our Services

EPCC Projects

We, at GULF CONSTRUCTIVE AND THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN handle all phases of the project starting from the initial design, fabrication, and implementation up to the final commissioning and operation; providing turnkey solutions that optimize speed of work and are cost effective.

Our project managers aim to provide our clients with exceptional and effective operations, which conform to international standards in order to ensure timely delivery and client satisfaction.

Oil and Gas Projects

Oil and gas activities are essential, intensive and time sensitive. Therefore, We at GULF CONSTRUCTIVE AND THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN, consider all these factors when operating oil and gas projects.

Whereby, our highly experienced and responsive project managers are hands-on at each stage to ensure the timely completion of our customers' projects, keeping in mind safety practices in oil and gas industries, to ensure quality of production with zero accidents.

Construction Projects

Ever since our establishment, we have been committed to providing construction solutions and services for a number of civil engineering projects, as we have adopted the construction work for various projects throughout Iraq such as roads, bridges, and railways projects, infrastructure facilities, wastewater and drinking water projects, medical projects, and many more.

At our company, we adhere to international standards that govern construction projects and all that that entails, in order to ensure top notch quality and client's satisfaction.

Pipeline Projects

As part of our ongoing support for construction and oil and gas projects, we provide fabrication and laying of pipe lines along with all related services, undertaking all correlating aspects.

Installation Services

Along with the construction activities, we also provide installation works for all the equipment, materials and units of the projects. All work is completed according to international standards and codes.

At GULF CONSTRUCTIVE AND THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN group, have contributed in the restoration of the electrical power facilities through the following projects:

  • The high voltage towers, where we connected 45 kilometers of high voltage lines in mosul.
  • Constructing the administration and service building for haditha Diesel Electricity project in Al-anbar governate.
  • Supply and Install mobile Electrical Sub-Station in Al Mutasim District.

Mechanical Services

GULF CONSTRUCTIVE Co. has contributed in many industrial and mechanical renovation projects but not limited to:

  • Renovation works in Al-Musayab, Hilla, and Midhatiya in babel, in addition to and Al-kut factory in Wasit governorate.
  • Renovation and installation works of twenty-four hangars at Jbalah square in Babel and Al-Hawija square in al Tameem.
  • Renovation, installation, and operation works of a wheat barley factory in Al-Dour and Kurkouk.
  • Renovation works in the asphalt factory in west of rutba for the Iraqi Ministry of Housing.


we, at GULF CONSTRUCTIVE AND THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN, aim to ensure utmost comfort and reliability on site, thus we offer site accommodation units.


Being well-equipped with the newest heavy-duty equipment enabled us to handle complete projects and sub-projects in the fields of infrastructure and transportation by utilizing our well-trained staff and equipment that include concrete truck mixers, gigantic pumps, graders, bulldozers, piles machines and excavators, etc, which ultimately lead to exemplary execution and delivery of any project.

Tools and Equipment

In order to ensure quality of execution of projects, we utilize various types of tools and equipment that include Crane Tadano with (30 ton) capacity Compactor, Sherman & Reilly winch, 40,000 Ibs, Power Dynamics Winch, 25,000 Ibs, Skid Mount River pulling winch, 100,000 Ibs, Distribution cable pulling trucks, 20,000 Ibs, in addition to Aluminum conveyors dynamometer with Tensiometer recorders nitrogen trucks and more.

Services Contracts

Our range of contracting services are extensive and are comprised of different activities such as designing, constructing, and operating civil infrastructure projects including railways, highways, and water and wastewater facilities.