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of High Way Concrete Bridge at Tuhmaziya

GULF CONSTRUCTIVE (PARENT COMPANY) AND (THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN) PARTNER COMPANY. had been awarded the contract by the client mentioned below. The project is located in the city center of Hilla City with a length of about 400 meters. Constructing this bridge resulted in reducing the traffic jam because of the heavy traffic in the region.

The work included soil investigation and excavation works for pile foundation which was casted in situ with reinforced pile caps with columns and cross beams; it also included supplying and installing precast pre-stressed concrete girders, casting in situ the deck slab, paving the surface using asphaltic pavement as specified in the required specifications.

Project Location: Hilla City

Client: Babel Province

Contract Value (US$): 12,741,880

Contract Duration: 20 Months

Contract Start Date: 20/ Dec / 2007

Contract Completion: 24 / Jul / 2009