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Shireen Aggregate Dam

GULF CONSTRUCTIVE (PARENT COMPANY) AND (THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN) PARTNER COMPANY. had been awarded the contract by the General Directorate of Reservoirs and Dams. Shireen Dam is located in Northeast of Kirkuk city. The purpose of constructing this dam is to increase the capacity of storage for surface water for irrigation and tourism purposes where the storage capacity reach up to 1,600,000.00 cubic meters.

The work included works of soil investigation and all excavation works in different types of soil, like, sand, rocks... etc, then supplying selected filling materials well-compacted with all filters, including supplying and installing steel pipes with 100 cm in diameter. The work also included constructing spill way, inlet and outlet structures.

The length of the dam is about 400 meters with at least 25 meters height.

Project Location: Kirkuk Governorate

Client: Ministry of Water Resources

Contract Value (US$): 4,450,000

Contract Duration: 13 Months

Contract Start Date: 10/ Sep / 2007

Contract Completion: 15/ Aug / 2008